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The Master of None


The Master of None is a project rooted in self discovery. While a craftsman is granted the luxury to devote themselves to a highly skilled and ritualistic practice, the graphic designer is very much in the role of the 'Jack of all trades, and master of none,' in the fact that they have to constantly adapt their skill set in order to keep abreast of burgeoning trends and new softwares.


The Master of None is a tongue in cheek investigation into the role of the graphic designer in which I attempt to advance my skillset in order to keep ahead of the curve to make myself as attractive to potential employers as I could.


The project took the form of an ongoing documentation of me learning as many different new skills as possible, ranging from archery, to a brief foray into salsa dancing. The project is by no means finished, but rather an ongoing process of learning, the visual journal that has been compiled is a documentation of my journey up until my hand in date on the 3rd of June 2016. The project is still ongoing.